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Interview with Annika Pellacani, Junior Product Manager at NaturalLook

Involvement; a sense of belonging; socialisation: these are increasingly sensitive issues in the new managerial culture. In particular, those in work are looking for a degree of satisfaction in their activities that reflects the value of their personal performance.

New needs are therefore emerging: time spent at work must contribute to raising the quality of life; professional relationships must be based upon authenticity and trust; and differences must be dealt with constructively and productively.

In recent years, NaturalLook has increasingly been focused on the needs of its in-house team, fostering professional growth and offering opportunities for personal development. 

It is clear that a stimulating working environment will increase productivity, improve motivation and promote a general climate of corporate well-being.

To find out more, we interviewed Annika: 25 years old, originally from Emilia-Romagna, she has been working as Junior Product Manager at NaturalLook since January 2022.



A head for business and a passion for fashion: welcome Annika!

In her words: “I came to South Tyrol a couple of years ago after completing my studies in International Management in Germany”. Annika got her first glimpse of the world of work in Bozen, subsequently bringing her youthful talent to NaturalLook, which had been recommended to her by a former colleague – now a dear friend. “The fashion world has always attracted me: I’ve had an unbridled passion for shoes ever since I was a little girl! Chatting at the coffee machine, I was advised to try my luck with NaturalLook, a historic company working for many years in this sector with a reputation for competence and professionalism. That same evening I sent in my application… and here I am!” She smiles, but her eyes smile too: Annika is moved by a sincere emotion and genuine enthusiasm.

Product manager: a versatile role to combine hands and brain

Young but determined, she supports the product management team on a daily basis with responsibility for the product strategy and development for different brands that are part of the NaturalLook family. The team manages the entire product life cycle, from market surveys and trend research, database management and performance analysis, right through to preparing reports and presenting proposals for future collections.

Her work is transversal and relational, bringing her into daily contact with the various departments inside the company: brand management, marketing and communication, sales and purchasing. The position requires communication skills – and more besides. 

What does Annika see as her principal activities in the company? We ask her directly: “What I love about this job is that it perfectly balances and combines two aspects that I find very interesting, the analytical and the practical. The first embraces the whole universe of numbers and analysis: every figure has a potential meaning, so you have to be able to interpret it and give it the right value. If you know how to read them, the data will speak to you and help you to predict future trends. The second, on the other hand, involves the product: I like to touch the articles, choose the samples, study every single detail. I also use my hands in my hobbies: I love using needles to create jumpers and scarves. I can also use a sewing machine: I often even make dresses!” she says.


NaturalLook: fertile ground on which to walk

Annika was enthusiastically welcomed by her team ever since her first weeks with the company. This is a new challenge for her that allows her to test herself in a position far removed from her previous experience in customer service. NaturalLook saw her potential and gave her the opportunity to express herself and take a new path. “This company has solid roots: it is historic yet looks towards the future, to success and to growth. NaturalLook gives me the opportunity to build on my strengths every day. I can easily adapt to changes, which is why I have developed a talent for problem-solving. In addition, as a native of Emilia-Romagna I love to chat: so when I work in a team, I am in my natural element, meaning I can move with ease. Finally, curiosity should never be absent from any job. Discovering new horizons helps you maintain your passion for what you do. 

Despite her young age, Annika already has a highly qualified range of skills. But she also preserves her sense of irony in the office. “If I had to swap roles for a day, I’d definitely want to take Peter’s place in the warehouse, so I could finally drive the forklift truck!” she says with a smile.


What does she expect in the coming years? “I am living for the moment and I’m grateful for this enriching experience. I look ahead, but not too far: let’s say that I project myself one year ahead, since I work on future trends”, she says frankly. “Now I can’t wait to get into the swing of things and attend the presentation of the spring/summer 2023 collections.”


Focused on the present, but with an eye on the future: it is precisely in the speed of perceiving change that her greatest challenge lies.


Welcome Annika!


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