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NaturalLook currently supports four European brand manufacturers in Italy, successfully marketing, distributing and, in general, gaining a foothold there. Birkenstock, Benvado, FinnComfort and Haflinger are all footwear brands that stand for authenticity, originality and quality – not just in terms of shoes, but also in their philosophies. And this is exactly what NaturalLook is seeking when it comes to including new brands in its portfolio!


Johann Adam Birkenstock began making shoes back in 1774. The Birkenstock brand has since then made a name for itself as a pioneer of orthopaedically inspired footwear. But, while Birkenstock shoes are famed worldwide for their comfort, they are also seen as fashion items – not least owing to collaborations with internationally known designers.


Founded in 2001 in Bozen/Bolzano by the Pitschl family, Benvado produces shoes that meet the wishes of those who are both fashion- and health-conscious. Italian design meets quality, elegance meets naturalness – resulting in shoes that both look and feel good. The Benvado philosophy in a nutshell.


Specialist shoemakers have been developing and producing footwear in the German town of Hassfurt am Main since 1945, first under the name “Waldi Schuhfabrik GmbH” and, since 1986, under the “FinnComfort” brand name. Medical knowledge is combined with traditional craftsmanship to produce comfortable, high-quality shoes that meet the individual requirements of each customer.


While on a skiing holiday, the great-grandfather of today’s managing director had the idea of a sock with a sole – leading to the creation of the first “hut shoe” in 1955. Based in Goslar, Germany, the Haflinger brand is nowadays known for the timeless design of its shoes, the use of natural raw materials to ensure the most natural possible foot and last forms, and for the outstanding workmanship involved.

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