Where to find NaturalLook:

this is where we have now set foot.

Our headquarters are strategically located at the heart of Europe, allowing us to easily connect with partners and customers from all over the continent. In addition, we have showrooms scattered throughout Italy, providing a physical space for customers to experience our partner brands’ collections firsthand.

Our headquarters in Bozen/Bolzano

NaturalLook has been headquartered in Bozen/Bolzano since its beginnings in 1974  and is thus ideally situated on the trade route between Italy and other European countries. In 2004 a new company headquarters was built in the south of Bozen/Bolzano where 50 employees currently work. The administrative, sales and marketing offices are all located here, next to a 4,000 m2 warehouse with storage space for over 300,000 items.

Showrooms in Italy

NaturalLook has showrooms in all of Italy’s major commercial centres – Milan, Turin, Naples, Bari, Padova and Rome, to name but a few – to give trading partners across the country exclusive views of current and future shoe collections. Contact us to arrange a tour of your nearest showroom!

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Virtual Showroom

In 2020 NaturalLook developed a virtual showroom so its partners can now view the current range of NaturalLook brands at any time, wherever they are. The interior of a real, physical showroom is simulated, while the shoes can be viewed in detail – with all the relevant technical information also of course available.

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Where to find our brands:

Each partner brand has its own POS finder, making it easy to immediately find any of our suppliers in Italy and beyond – the perfect solution for consumers and retailers alike.

Here you can access the POS finders:


EMU Australia





Loints of Holland